Getting to know each other:

To me it is important to get to know you before you entrust me with accompanying you at one of the most important day of your lives. An amicably relationship is important to be able to take some relaxed and natural photographs.


If I know you, it is easier for me to picture you the way you actually are. I don ´ t want to deliver some ordinary work but react to you individually and to your personal wishes and ideas.  


That is why we meet before anything else happens: we drink a coffee and discuss your day, the program and the ideas you have so far, meanwhile I could give you some helpful tips.


Reportage of the wedding:

What I like most is taking pictures of the whole wedding for you. In that way you will have a common thread running through the photographs you get in the end: starting with the ‘getting ready’, followed by the couple shooting, ceremony, celebration… until the wedding dance in the late evening. In that manner, I can tell your whole story with all highlights and details. But ultimately you decide how long you want me to be there. We can discuss and agree on that with each other. 


After Wedding Shooting:

 The wedding is over, all the pressure and stress during the wedding preparations has vanished and the expensive dress has disappeared in the closet? Or the weather was so terrible that you couldn ´ t do the pictures you have imagined on your wedding day? No need to worry! At an After Wedding Shooting you can dress yourselves up again on any date and at any place you like to take some beautiful pictures! Contact me and I ´ ll send you an individual offer.


Engagement or Couple Shooting:

You have gotten engaged! What a joyful occasion to get some beautiful pictures of you as a couple! These pictures could you also use for your wedding invitations. Thereby, we can get to know each other and if you like the results, you already know someone you can ask to be your wedding photographer. :-)


If it is not about an engagement but you as a couple would like to capture your love in some nice photographs you are also invited to contact me!