I am delighted that you want to know something about me! My name is Arthur, I am 27 years old and live near Stuttgart. I love to take pictures and for this cause I am also ready to travel far.


The job of a wedding photographer is an absolute dream profession for me! There are barely other professions in which you can experience such an abundance of emotions, beauty and joy of life! For me it is a privilege to be able to participate on so many weddings. I myself am married happily and have witnessed weddings from almost every perspective, such as being the best man, as band musician, program planer etc. The role of the bride ´ s father is still missing but probably it will take some more decades until that happens. :-)


Furthermore, I am enthusiastic about automotive technique. Therefore I am working full-time as a development engineer in the automotive development of car bodies. Basically, I am combining two of my dream jobs.


What else is there to say?


I like to tinker with my car. My wife and I also like to travel, above all to South America, and we both are fascinated by the breathtaking nature.  


Maybe we meet each other personally some time? Anyhow, I am looking forward to being contacted by you and to a first relaxed meeting! 


See you soon,