What you get:


-       Photographs which have the ‘certain something’ and show the emotions, dynamic and beauty of life.

 -      A photographer with an amount of wedding experience, who knows the procedures and who doesn ´ t miss any important moment.

-       My cameras save the pictures simultaneously on two memory cards, so bad surprises like damaged cards or accidental deletion are excluded. (By the way, there are two cameras in use in order to have a backup in case of one malfunctioning camera.)

-       Full resolution of all the pictures, without watermark or additional costs

 -      Private right of use and reproduction

 -      No use of flashes but of light sensitive lenses and cameras of high quality to capture the solemn romantic atmosphere without disturbing.

 -      I only use fixed focal length lenses for maximum quality of the pictures. That is why I am always moving while I ´ m  taking pictures. In that way, I can show the best and most extraordinary perspectives.  

 -      Manual optimisation of all the photographs regarding exposure, colour and lighting atmosphere.

 -      Free and password protected online gallery for you and your guests with an optional free download function in several resolutions. Thus, you don ´ t have any work with sharing the pictures.

 -      Contractual security

 -      If I cannot make it to your wedding due to force majeure, I have access to a large community of colleagues to connect you quickly with another photographer.